Communications campaign

National and local actors approved a communications plan focused on two key actions.

Most Italians are unaware of the problems around seasonal labour and the agricultural supply chain. Mainstream media provides topical coverage, and in-depth investigations are rare.

The Dignità in Campo project aims to shift public perception of the issue through a grassroots communications plan. The plan, approved by national and local actors, includes two main actions that support pre-existing initiatives and follow up on emerging needs.

In Saluzzo and Syracuse, paper materials like brochures, flyers, and posters support digital communications. The campaign uses direct messages and slogans to attract attention from a broad audience.

The importance of the name

The project is called Dignità in Campo because its main goal is to provide dignified work opportunities for seasonal workers in the Italian agricultural sector.

The logo design is based on a cultivated field, viewed from above and divided into different parts. These sections represent the diversity of agriculture – and exploitation – in the country.

A direct message

The advertising materials use short sentences, puns, and local imagery to convey important messages about the legal implications of labour exploitation. They’re directed toward the actors involved: producers, workers, and consumers.

Despite the heavy topic, the messaging is unrelentingly light and positive. That discordance makes for unsettling viewing.

The project

The Dignità in Campo project aims to prevent all forms of labour exploitation in agriculture, starting in two Italian territories.